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Highly acclaimed by industry critics and audiences alike, Travels with Terry Lister includes a myriad of essential information that is guaranteed to help and inspire every reader. 

Short Bio

Terry Lister is a traveller and a writer. Prior to that he was a partner in the Deloitte accounting firm, a Minister in the Government of Bermuda and a realtor. Terry retired at 60 and has been a solo traveller since 2014. He has now been to 100 countries including 23 in Africa. Since retiring, when he’s not travelling, Terry spends time with his family, relaxes with a good book or sits down to watch his favourite cricket and football teams. 

Long Bio


The Honourable Terry Lister is a traveller and a writer. He wasn't always! Previously, he was a partner in Deloitte accounting firm, a Minister in the Government of Bermuda and a realtor. But he always wanted to be a traveller so in 2014 he retired at 60.
The Honourable was a solo traveller until Covid forced him to stay at home for a long three years. His pattern has been to go on the road for eight weeks then return home for eight weeks and then off again. During the early years he went to every country in Central America  and all but one in South America. Currently he is in the planning stage as he prepares to launch out to Asia later this year.
     When he retired Terry had travelled to 48 countries but since which he has been to 52 more spending between one week and six weeks in these countries. It has been some journey! By summer 2023 he had been to 100 countries! His first book, Immersed in West Africa, told the tale of eight adventure filled weeks in five West African countries. Since then he has been to 18 additional African nations and written five more books. Terry says he writes to share the modern day Africa story as he sees it. And he is writing for both his pleasure and that of his readers. An unexpected surprise is that all four of his paperback books have won more than ten awards  and he, himself, won a Daniel award in Bermuda for the success of his books.
       But he is not always travelling. When  relaxing he enjoys a good book, which must be historical or  biographical. He would love to read other genres but there are enough great books in the travel  area to keep him reading. His love for travel means he always has a few travel books on the go as preparation for his next trip. Terry does a lot of research before heading out. He is looking to find those things that tourists either don’t do or don’t know about. Then with what little time he has left, he is a sports fan- cricket and football being his favourite games. So little time to be bored!

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