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For some living in highly developed societies, Christmas is a time of exorbitant expense and sheer panic. Children are suddenly acutely aware of their conduct, and parents subconsciously feel pressured to tackle pricey wish lists.

But in Africa, Christmas is a little different, especially depending on the country you decide to visit.

Terry Lister’s experiences and research gives the reader a glimpse into the customs and practices of more than 13 African nations, delivering an educational taste of the traditional foods and common rituals. Vibrant photographs display the cultural variety and demonstrate the ways in which unlikely communities work together to make the season a festive time for all, including the most impoverished.

There are lessons to be learned and adventures to be had within the pages of this literary travel treasure. Explore Christmas in Africa and prepare to walk away challenged on the concepts of what it really means to have peace, joy and love during the holiday season.

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The Smiling Coast

After viewing the British television show, ‘Desmonds’, and hearing one of the characters talk about his homeland, The Gambia, Terry Lister decided he had to visit. Equipped with this determination and a valid passport, he makes his way to the West African coast to experience the sights and wonders of this beautiful country.

Both the expected and unexpected await the prolific world-traveller as he meets up with old friends and makes new ones. From encounters with leaping gorillas to brushes with ‘evil spirits’, Lister exposes the curious reader to many of the spectacles and delights of The Gambia in this hilarious and educational short-read.

If you’ve got one hour, you’ve got time to explore The Gambia: The Smiling Coast.



The Land of Peace and Purpose

Many travellers associate Senegal with the Door of No Return—the place where over two million Africans passed through Gorée Island on the way to the New World for centuries. While this is certainly a historic feature of the county, there’s so much more to experience.

And world-traveller Terry Lister has proof!

Terry escorts the curious reader along Senegal’s culture-rich coast as he explores national landmarks, stumbles upon unexpected African markets, and makes new friends along the way, notwithstanding debilitating language barriers. Of course, there are the familiar squabbles with border patrolmen and taxi drivers. Yet all these experiences are what make this amusing short-read both educational and unforgettable.

If you’ve got one hour, you’ve got time to travel to Senegal: The Land of Peace and Purpose.



He’s Back!

In his first book, Immersed in West Africa, Terry Lister took readers on a harrowing West African adventure in Senegal, Mauritania, the Gambia, Guinea and Guinea Bissau. In A New Day Dawns, the second installment of the Travels With Terry Series, he takes us to the edge as he ventures into Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

This highly anticipated release is both amusing and historical, as Terry guides curious explorers beyond the tourist traps and pushes the proverbial and literal boundaries in search of adventure. Old and new experiences collide to create the perfect maelstrom of confidence and trepidation as he navigates the African coast. 
From pristine beaches and hectic markets to dense forests and ancient castles, Terry delivers an unforgettable adventure that is guaranteed to spark a soul-stirring experience for his readers.

 If you are ready, let’s step into this adventure – again! 

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He wanted to see the world. Living amongst the citizens of the most misunderstood continent would educate him more than any textbook…
Avid traveler Terry Lister craved another leg of the journey. After retiring and making it his goal to see the planet in eight-week-long sojourns, he set his sights on visiting the one place that scares off most Westerners: West Africa. And with abundant research of the vast landscape under his belt, nothing would stop this global nomad from enjoying a sixty-day solo trip like no other.
From harrowing experiences with border police to escapades on crowded mini-buses, Lister embraced every challenge he encountered off the beaten path. And as his priceless interactions with locals painted a true picture of an often-misrepresented land, he took it upon himself to prove traveling through these five evocative countries is perfectly safe.

In a refreshing take on international travel, Terry Lister provides vigorous encouragement to those who have dreamed of touring this extraordinary region to take the leap of faith. And with heartening stories involving the residents, the optimism and lifestyles of those living thousands of miles away will inspire you to plan your very own inspiring excursion.
Immersed in West Africa is the eye-opening first book in the Travels with Terry travelogue series. If you like soul-searching adventures, breathtaking geographies, and intriguing backpacking anecdotes, then you’ll love Terry Lister’s motivational adventure. 

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