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Updated: Jun 18, 2022

ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE 2021 INCIPERE AWARDS March 31, 2022 Keep Scrolling to See the Winners Adventure First Place - Bill Zarchy - Finding George Washington: A Time Travel Tale Second Place – Jessica Piro - Ascension of the Phoenix Third Place - Simon Carr - Apocalypse Blockers Honorable Mention - Bryan Asher - The Treasure of Lor-Rev Adventure - CLEAN First Place - Jessica Piro - The Dragon of Russia Second Place - Jessica Piro - Ascension of the Phoenix Third Place - Edward Vogler - Four Critical Days, Triumph or Tragedy Children's First Place - Candy Berg – My Dad Is a Russian Spy Second Place - Wendy Thomson - Ted and Ned Christian First Place - Thomas-Richard Harry - Hello Again Fantasy First Place - BL Cagle - Dreams of Darkness and Desire Second Place - Guy Cramb - Maegics Heir: Druid Quest Third Place - Adron Smitley - Jinn (Soothsayer Series Book 2) Honorable Mention - Robert New - Sovereign Assassin Honorable Mention - Tomas K. Grizzly - Eternal Defenders Fantasy - CLEAN First Place - Rosalie Oaks - The Lady Jewel Diviner Second Place - B.A. Vonsik - Primeval Origins: Rise of Serpents Third Place - Guy Cramb - HUNTED:Maegics Heir, Book 2 Honorable Mention - Simon Carr - Virtually Gone Historical First Place - Dave Mason - EO-N Second Place - Julia Maiola - The Red Flag Third Place - L.A. Witt - The Venetian and the Rum Runner Honorable mention - Adriana Girolami - The Zamindar's Bride Historical - CLEAN First Place - John Broughton - Sea Wolves Second Place - Wendy Thomson - The Man from Burnt Island Third Place - Terry Lister - A New Day Dawns Honorable Mention - Susan Moore Jordan - The Case of the 'Carousel' Killer Literary Fiction First Place - Jane Hasenmueller - The Grief of Wisdom Second Place - Heather Hummel Gallagher - Call it Kismet Third Place - John Albedo - Nutshell Literary Fiction - CLEAN First Place - Heather Hummel Gallagher - Call it Kismet Second Place - Gary Chittenden - Again The Ultimate Do-Over Memoir/Biography First Place - Danny Smith - Nothing Left to Prove Second Place - Sunny Lockwood - Cruising the Mississippi Third Place - Danielle Larsen - From Voiceless To Vocal Honorable Mention - Susan Gabriel - Wheels of Injustice: Saving My Child from the Child Savers I am pleased to report that A New Day Dawns has been recognized in the category of Historical- Clean and has been awarded a third place. It is an honour for this book to be able to place in the Historical category.

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