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Exploring the world, one adventure at a time

How it started

I never seriously thought about writing books about my travels.  Years ago l had a desire to write about our annual Cup Match. This is a two day holiday to allow the people to attend a cricket game played between teams representing either end of our little island. When the holiday was established we became the first country in the world to grant a two day holiday for a sporting event. However, years have gone by and still no cricket book. 

But l have been traveling and having so many brilliant experiences that l feel compelled to write! It is my hope that readers will learn from my writings and start on a journey of greater understanding. To me the bonus is readers travelling to countries they never considered visiting. 
You keep reading, I will keep traveling and writing.


Welcome and thank you for visiting! Let's Go to Gabon, Cameroon, and Namibia  is our latest offering.

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Discover my Literary Journey

Explore the collection of books I have authored, each one a unique adventure filled with captivating stories, cultural insights, and personal reflections. Dive into the pages and let the journey begin.

Hot Air Balloons
Terry Lister's book beautifully captures the colorful ambience of these three African countries. From the bustling markets of the African people to the scene landscapes, every page is infused with the vibrant hues and lively energy that define this region.

~Camryn English

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