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There are many books about West Africa but few follow a solo traveller into all these countries, and that makes his experiences a pleasure to read -- and his guidance and subtle advice truly helpful.

Rick Antonson, author To Timbuktu for a Haircut: A Journey Through West Africa

In his book "lmmersed in West Africa", he gives you a taste of what to expect travelling through Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea & Guinea Bissau. His honest and forthright depiction of the destinations is highly refreshing with a bit of humour thrown in.
Linda King, Author of The Smart Travelsta's Guide

The author has provided an honest and detailed account of what it feels like to travel throughout West Africa. I found his experiences in Mauritania to be the most harrowing, but consistent with his encounters in the other West African countries. What I appreciated overall was his joy of travel. There is definitely a sense of wonder and adventure that permeates the book.

E L Cyrs, Author of Road of Ash and Dust

 I enjoyed the book from the start to the end as the author did an excellent job of making me feel like I was his companion. In the end, I felt that he had totally immersed himself into these countries having experienced so many things that often made me laugh and also fear for his safety. No doubt this first book will be followed with others because he is doing something many of us wish we had the courage to do.

Author :Dale Butler

The title of this book is most appropriate as I truly became immersed in the authors travels. As someone who has been to a few West African countries, I wondered if I would read about the same places that I have seen. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the author mapped out his own personal journey instead of using a package tour. The result was a true exploration as he ventured alone into some parts of West Africa which the tour groups do not usually see. Travelling solo in West Africa is a challenge and the author shared all of that with us.

Author, Michelle Simmons

What a thrill it was to learn of Mr. Lister's book "Immersed in West Africa" and to know of his plan to share it with the world because there are no comprehensive books currently on the market that address the unique travel destinations that he covers.
The book informs, entertains, prepares and inspires potential travelers to West Africa, as well as invokes precious memories for those who have traveled there. Additionally, Its lively narrative will make it an enjoyable armchair book for non-travelers who would value vicarious thrills.

Elaine Lee, Author of  Go Girls!

It is hard not to compare this travelogue to classic writers of the genre who also write mainly for a Western audience, and rejoice at the vast step forward that Terry Lister makes. In the many journals of Paul Theroux, for instance, though his main focus is “trains and the people who travel on them”, the real focus is always on his own person and only casts a superficial glance—and often prejudiced—at the country surrounding him. Terry Lister is far ahead of the minuteness of this mindset and embraces the uniqueness and independence of African regions without having to cast it as a side-effect of centralized First World politics. A post-colonial worldview should be base standard for writing a travel journal—as a minimum effort—when writing travelogues, and Terry shows us the face of what is hopefully the next generation of the genre.

Catalina Bonati, Reedsy Favorite reviewer

Perfect blend of educational narrative and adventure travel log. His voice is one of reason and wisdom.

E L Cyrs, Author of Road of Ash and Dust

Told a lot about the history of the places l knew nothing about...Great read, real adventure.

S P Dawes, Author of The Vine Cross

A New Day Dawns is the ultimate Africanmemoir. An interesting, personal first hand account full of thrills, spills and beauty. It makes you want to jump on a plane to Africa.

Linda King, Author of The Smart Travelsta's Guide

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